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With distinction!

There was a pleasant surprise waiting for me in the post when I got back from Cardiff – the results of my WSET Level 3 Award in Sake!As I mentioned in the write-up of the course, I was very worried… Continue Reading →

What is the Taste Translation logo?

The concentric circles that make up the Taste Translation logo are based on those found inside official sake tasting cups, kiki-choko (ききちょこ). The pattern is called ja-no-me (蛇の目), “snake eyes”.Professional sake tasters look through the sake at the alternating white and blue… Continue Reading →

Who’s behind Taste Translation?

Taste Translation offers specialised Japanese to English translation for fine food and drink, in particular for sake, wine, tea, coffee and chocolate. My name is Arline Lyons, and I’m a translator and localisation project manager with 20 years’ experience of Japanese language and culture…. Continue Reading →

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