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Excite News report on a new drink from specialist sake shop Kurayoshi Yurakucho, who are taking the newly repopularised “drinkable intravenous nutrition drip” amazake and turning it into an amazake tapioca milk for the young and hip this summer.

Amazake is renowned for being high in vitamin B, amino acids, glucose and oligosaccharides, and often said to help enhance beauty and speed recovery. It’s also supposed to improve gut health when combined with milk. Amazake is full of naturally produced sweetness, so it needs no added sugar. And even if you’re not interested in the nutritional side, it’s lower in calories than the average tapioca drink. [Your regular reminder that just because I translate something, it doesn’t mean I agree with or endorse it. There’s so much wrong with press releases like these it’s hard to know where to start.]

The amazake used is specially selected by the owner of specialist sake shop Kurayoshi Yurakucho so as to combine smoothly with cold milk both in both flavour and texture. The gentle sweetness of kōji goes perfectly with the milk and chewy tapioca grains. It’s also alcohol-free and so suitable for all ages.

If you have a sweet tooth, there’s also a more strongly flavoured black sugar tapioca milk (JPY 600). As expected from Kurayoshi Yurakucho, the packaging won’t look out of place on a stroll around Ginza. It’s available 15 August to 30 September 2019.