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Kobe Keizai News reports on Kobe-based brewery Sawanotsuru, who took note of the Rugby World Cup being held in Japan this autumn and turned the Japanese team colours into a stripy uniform for a limited edition of its SHUSHU brand.

The limited edition bottles will be released on 17 June, bearing the team colours and official Japan rugby logo.

SHUSHU is lower in alcohol than average (10.5%) and recommended for drinking with meals or for people who are new to sake. It’s also a junmai with all the characteristic rich aroma and flavour.

Not all stadiums allow drinks to be brought in, but Sawanotsuru see the limited edition bottle being drunk at home, at sports bars or at public viewing areas by fans watching the games. The bottles are 180 ml “one-cup” size, making them easy to carry and drink from without needing a glass or ochoko.

The brewery is also hoping this will be a way to introduce sake to the many rugby fans coming to Japan, replacing their usual beer. The bottle will be available to off-licenses/liquor stores and wholesalers nationwide, and also from bars and restaurants. Sawanotsuru will also make it available to buy from them directly online, and the recommended retail price is JPY 300 (before tax).


  • Original article (Japanese, Kobe Keizai News, 21 May 2019)
  • Sawanotsuru (Japanese)
  • Sawanotsuru (English) [“English” is a bit strong. If you want to see why machine translation hasn’t taken over the world yet, this is a good example.]