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GetNavi Web reports on the release of a dedicated “sake cellar” (think wine fridge) capable of keeping bottles at anywhere between 20°C and -5°C.

Available in two designs, the Miyabino sake “cellar” is made to order by Altekna in Japan, and can store 36 isshōbin (1.8 l) bottles upright on three rows of shelving, 94 4-go (720 ml) bottle upright on four rows of shelving, or 90 wine bottles on their sides.

It boasts temperature control and insulation, has UV-blocking and antimicrobial properties, plus an alert function if the door is left open and flexible layout. The Miyabino site suggests storing sake between -5°C and +2°C, then bringing up to 5°C to 10°C when the sake is ready to drink.