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Sake News from Japan

China’s first sake assessment

News site Jiji reports on the first sake appraisal held in China, with 140 labels on the table looking to increase their export routes. The “First Asian International Great Sake Contest in China” was held on commercial premises in Beijing… Continue Reading →

Summertime? It’s amazake time

The Nifty news site has an article from sake lecturer Chikako Ōkoshi on amazake – and why although it’s associated with winter today, that wasn’t always the case. Back in the Edo Period (1603 to 1868) amazake was prized as… Continue Reading →

Three guys trying to bring the true taste of sake to the world

A sake brewer, a sake retailer and an export consultant walk into a bar in Akashi, Hyōgo Prefecture… well, almost. The jobs are true, and two of them did meet in a bar, but now they’re focused on bringing namazake… Continue Reading →

Nagoya hosts sake pub crawl

If you were in downtown Nagoya on Sunday 26 August 2018 and wondered what was going on, the Meitetsu Keizai Shinbun site reports on a joint event between 31 bars and restaurants serving sake in the city and 36 breweries… Continue Reading →

Update on the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles sake division

The Jiji news site has a report from the Shinto Tsushin PR media company on the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB) and its new sake division. The CMB has been running for over 25 years as an international wine competition,… Continue Reading →

Local cocktails from the Kyoto coast

The Ignite site reports on a marriage of local elements – mixing sake from the Kinoshita and Yosamusume breweries in Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture with locally grown fruit. The area makes use of its different soil types to grow different crops,… Continue Reading →

The secrets of sake’s success in France – part 3

Continuing with this article that looks at the rise in volume and value of sake headed for France and changes in French cuisine – including healthy Japanese influences – posing challenges for wine, the next topic is ingredients and flavours… Continue Reading →

The secrets of sake’s success in France – part 2

Continuing on from yesterday’s post about the rise in volume and value of sake exported to France, the article then looks at changes in the French gastronomic world over the last decade. Keiichiro Miyagawa, former taster at Suntory who then… Continue Reading →

The secrets of sake’s success in France

The Tōyō Keizai Online site has an extensive article on the popularity of sake in France, including the new Kura Master competition set up by the French, for the French, to see what sake goes best with French food. And… Continue Reading →

Sake made in Korea

The Sankei News site includes a report from travel journalist Shifumi Etō on a recent trip to Seoul and her discovery of Korean-made sake. After reflecting on changes in the Seoul food scene, including the rise of fancy “fine dining”,… Continue Reading →

Brewery releases three types of blended sake

The Nikkei newspaper site reports on the release of three sake blends from the Kazuno Meishu brewery, known for their Chitose-Zakari label. Kazuno Meishu released three blends using Chitose-Zakari as a base in August 2018. The blends were created by the… Continue Reading →

New sake lineup for ANA domestic business and first class

The Traicy travel news site reports on a new lineup for sake in ANA’s domestic first and business class. The range will be available from 1 September 2018, and includes a custom brewed Aramasa No. 6 ANA-Type junmai namazake for… Continue Reading →

Nara sake brewed from Hinohikari table rice

The Mainchi news site reports on a new sake launched in Nara Prefecture made from table rice. Running with a suggestion from Kōryō city, the Chōryō brewery based at its southern edge turned Hinohikari table rice grown to order in… Continue Reading →

Champagne producer comes to Toyama to brew sake

The Webun Toyama news site has an article on a French champagne brewer who is coming to the prefecture to start brewing sake. Richard Geoffroy has been responsible for production at some of the world’s most famous champagne labels, but… Continue Reading →

Training new sake experts

The Zakzak site has an article from freelance TV presenter Junko Kondō about the Japan Sake Association (JSA) and their “Sake Academy”. Kondō qualified as a “Sake Expert” with the JSA in 2017. The newly-founded group is dedicated to turning… Continue Reading →

Sake to toast the end of civil war

The Minyu Net site has a report on a small celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Boshin Civil War, namely a special edition 300 ml bottle of sake on sale from JR East in Tohoku. The conflict was part… Continue Reading →

Grow your own rice, get your own sake

The Wine-What!? site has a report by Kaori Isono on a crowdfunding project supported by maverick Japanese businessman Takafumi Horie, where backers get to participate in the creation of a junmai daiginjō sake right from the start – and by… Continue Reading →

2018 already looking good for sake exports

The Japan Agricultural News site has some good news – although we’re not long past the middle of the year, things are already looking positive for exports and that includes sake. Trade statistics from the Japanese Ministry of Finance show… Continue Reading →

Sake overseas: Dassai in NY, Kokuryū in HK and more

The Nikkan Gendai Digital site has an article on sake branching out overseas, following Dassai to New York and Kokuryū to Hong Kong. It starts by taking the positive outlook on where sake is going. Japan Customs (part of the… Continue Reading →

Fukui Prefecture’s challenger to Yamada Nishiki

The Chunichi Shinbun Web site reports on a new variety of sake rice that is setting its sights on the current king, Yamada Nishiki. The as yet unnamed variety was developed by the Fukui Prefecture Agricultural Experimental Station, who hope… Continue Reading →

Sake ice cream from Saga

You may be used to describing sake as having a mellow, rich aroma (芳醇, hōjun), but what about having that aroma tickle your nose as you lick an ice cream? The Oita Press site reports on a jizake (local sake) ice… Continue Reading →

Japanese sake and Swiss cheese

Something closer to home for me today – the Swissinfo site has an article on pairing Japanese sake with Swiss cheese. Natsuko Mikamo, a cheese lover and expert, lives in Basel in northern Switzerland. If you want to try pairing… Continue Reading →

Lunch with the ladies of sake

The Jiji news agency reports on a collaboration between the Nagoya French restaurant Chez Kobe and Sakeraku (酒楽, “sake joy”), a sake brand that produces a line of sake made by 12 female tōji (杜氏, master brewers) and brewery owners (蔵元, kuramoto) – or, as… Continue Reading →

Just add umami – pairing sake with food

The Nifty News site has an article on pairing sake with food – any food, not just Japanese. The author points out that sake contains over 20 different amino acids, which can enhance savoury flavours in any dish. It also… Continue Reading →

10th birthday for “zero-carb” sake

NicoNico News reports not only that there’s a “low carb” sake, but that it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary. Gekkeikan launched its Tōshitsu Zero (糖質ゼロ, “zero carb”) range in 2008, and is improving the quality of the sake and refreshing the… Continue Reading →

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