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Sake News from Japan

Big trouble in China for retailer of Fukushima sake

The Record China news site reports on a development which must be painful for many Fukushima brewers – a restaurant in Beijing has been ordered to pay CNY 10,000 in compensation for selling “contaminated” produce from Niigata Prefecture. The story… Continue Reading →

Sake, hanami and cheese

After a harsh winter cherry blossoms are starting to appear in Japan a week earlier than usual, so it’s time for the Japanese version of the Western office Christmas party, the one that all the legendary stories come from -… Continue Reading →

Passing the torch – bringing on the next generation

The Softbank Business & IT site reports on the Manufacturing Japan Summit 2018, where companies like Hakutsuru, Kikkoman and Sanoh talked about how they train new employees and pass on expertise. The panel was tackling the question of how to… Continue Reading →

Sake outside Osaka Station

The NewsWalker site reports on a brewery-run sake bar/cafe just outside Osaka Station. Miyagegō Fukuju in the Osaka Ekimae Daiichi Building is run by the Fukuju brewery, based in the famous Nada area. Fukuju also operate another direct sales outlet not… Continue Reading →

Sake for a cause: Drinking to the survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Kumamoto Earthquake, Kyushu floods

The Mainichi newspaper reports on efforts to raise funds for disaster recovery through sake. Under the title “the bonds created by sake”, the article reports that a farmer in Miyagi Prefecture donated sake-specific rice which was used to make a sake sold… Continue Reading →

Sake in the air: JAL First Class sake for March

The Mainichi newspaper reports on more sake taking to the air – this time the Izumo-Fuji brewery’s Ama no Murakumo (Clouds Obscuring the Heavens) being served on internal JAL flights.  The junmai daiginjō is the selected sake for March in… Continue Reading →

Niigata University founds Sakeology Centre

The Niigata Nippo More news site reports on the founding of the Sakeology Centre, Niigata University (SCNU). The university held a press conference in the Chuo (central) ward of Niigata City on 9 March to announce that the new centre… Continue Reading →

Brussels calling: new sake category in the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Back to the Mainichi Newspaper again, this time for an announcement that another wine competition is opening a sake division. Held in a different country every year, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB) was started in 1994, and the 2016 competition… Continue Reading →

Something fishy: a sake just for mackerel

The Mainichi Newspaper covers a very specialised sake – one just for mackerel. Get ready for the puns. The first one is the date the sake was released, 8 March. So what, you say. If you take some liberties with… Continue Reading →

Sparkling sake in a wine glass

I’ve covered the Best Sake in a Wine Glass competition before (The best sake for your wine glass in 2018) but this article in the Fukushima Minyu newspaper has a few more details, as well as some attention for the… Continue Reading →

What a Japanese sake evaluation looks like

Today’s piece is short, but interesting – the Oita Broadcasting System TV station covers the Kumamoto Sake and Shōchū Makers Association Association kikizake (tasting) for shinzake (newly brewed sake). Click here to see the original article which includes video footage… Continue Reading →

Nihonshu and BBQ

The society and culture section of Keizai Premier (part of the Mainichi newspaper) reports on a town in Saitama Prefecture holding sake + BBQ events. Toda is a small town in the south of Saitama Prefecture, bisected by the river… Continue Reading →

All about amino acids: sake, ornithine and health claims

The Yomiuri Online covers research that has increased the quantity of ornithine in sake threefold. This amino acid is found in Japanese shijimi clams, and is alleged to be effective against hangovers and aid in recovery from fatigue. (And now… Continue Reading →

A new way to enjoy Dassai: as amazake ice cream

PR Times reports on a new way to enjoy Dassai sake, at least if you’re near Omotesando in Tokyo. Natural Kitchen Omotesando, a sophisticated “collaboration cafe” that prizes the quality of its ingredients, will be offering an ice cream from… Continue Reading →

What is sweet and dry in sake?

Shukan Josei Prime, a weekly aimed at women, has an article on something very basic – but it’s often interesting to look at the basics! “Sake trivia: What to know before you drink, what’s the difference between ‘dry’ and ‘sweet’?”… Continue Reading →

Sake spreads to Myanmar

The Nikkei financial newspaper reports on the start of official imports of sake in Myanmar. Reporter Nitta Yuichi covers the story from the city of Yangon. Myanmar authorities first gave permission for sake imports at the end of 2017. The… Continue Reading →

A physicist who loves wine – and sake

The People section of Nippon.com profiles Asuka Sugiyama, a theoretical physicist and self-proclaimed “missionary” for wine and sake. Describing her as “a woman of action”, Nippon.com asked this aficionado of wine and sake, who shuttles between Paris and Tokyo every… Continue Reading →

Sake tourism in the Five Villages of Nada

The Mainichi Shinbun site has a six-part series interviewing sake company owners in their 40s in the Nada Gogō area (talk about specific). If you haven’t heard of it already, this area in Hyōgo Prefecture known as Nada is home… Continue Reading →

The best sake for your wine glass in 2018

The Fukui Keizai site reports on the winners of the 2018 Sake That’s Delicious in a Wine Glass Award – at least the seven winners from Fukui Prefecture. The Wine Glass de Oishii Nihonshu Award 2018 contest was held in central… Continue Reading →

Five Hyōgo cities trying to go down in sake history

The Mainichi Shinbun newspaper reports on efforts by areas including the famous “five villages” of Nada to be recognised as special to the culture and history of sake. The cities of Itami, Kobe, Nishinomiya, Ashiya and Amagasaki, all in Hyōgo… Continue Reading →

The koi carp sake that’s big in Germany

At Press reports on the koi carp bottle from the Imayotsukasa brewery, which has won a German Design Award 2018. The sake is called Nishikigoi (錦鯉), after the fancy or brocade carp. (And if nishiki sounds familiar, it’s used in… Continue Reading →

Quantity of sake shipped from Niigata falls for third year running

The Niigata Nippo More site reports on 2017 shipments of sake from Niigata to the rest of Japan – noting that they have fallen for the third consecutive year. According to the Niigata Sake Brewers Association, domestic shipments have fallen… Continue Reading →

Students of sake tour breweries in Nagano

Shinmai Web reports on overseas students of sake on a visit to a brewery in the Suwa area of Nagano Prefecture. The Miyasaka brewery in Suwa city held a study meeting for overseas visitors interested in using sake in their… Continue Reading →

Hear the music and drink the sake that was brewed to it

I first heard about this from Andrew at Origin Sake, but never got around to following it up – did you hear about the brewer who insists on having his sake brew to classical music? Value Press reports on a… Continue Reading →

Kobe ships half of exported sake

The Yomiuri Online site reports that Kobe Port is a big supporter of sake – half of exports in 2017 passed through there. Exports of sake in 2017 were up 19% on the previous year, rising to 23,481,000 litres -… Continue Reading →

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