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Sake News from Japan

Reviving rice after 100 years

The Kobe Shinbun Next site reports on the revival of a 100 year old sake-specific rice in an attempt to create a new regional product. The “Benkei” variety was popular in Hyōgo Prefecture a century ago, but a new project… Continue Reading →

Sake from the UK – if you can afford it

The Nikkei newspaper site has an article on the opening of the UK’s second sake brewery, Dojima in Cambridge. The Osaka-based Dōjima Bakushu brewery held a ceremony at their new Cambridge site on 14 September 2018 ahead of the official… Continue Reading →

Why you should drink sake from a wine glass

The Mainichi Newspaper site has an article with reasons why you should drink sake from a wine glass. Boldly proclaiming that the days when it was seen as an “old man’s drink” are long gone, the article points out that… Continue Reading →

Sake + sweets = shueets

The Biglobe Beauty site reports on a shop in Sendai serving up all kind of sweet things, and sake, and sweet things made with sake. Kanmidokoro Hiiragi (甘味処 柊) is a bakery and cafe during the day, and a bar… Continue Reading →

Single origin sake

The Gunosy site reports on a collaboration between Kurand, a company developing original products based on sake and other drinks, and two breweries who handle their production from start to finish. The new series, designed to show off the craftsmanship of… Continue Reading →

Is sake being sold too cheap?

The Diamond Online site has a three-part interview with maverick Japanese businessman Takafumi Horie, and in the last section he talks about a personal project – selling sake for more. Horie asserts that sake is extremely cheap at the moment,… Continue Reading →

From football to sake

Livedoor News covers an episode of Fuji TV PRIME news alpha where former Japanese national football team member Hidetoshi Nakata was interviewed and asked about his involvement with sake. After hanging up his boots Nakata became a representative for the Japan Craft… Continue Reading →

Sparkling sake on the rise

PR Times has a report on a survey by Hot Pepper Gourmet Eating Out Research (ホットペッパーグルメ外食研究, hotto peppa- gurume gaishoku kenkyū) on sparkling sake. Hot Pepper Gourmet Eating Out Research is a monthly magazine that gathers bar and restaurant experts… Continue Reading →

An American kurabito in Takayama

The Nikkei newspaper reports on a brewery in Hida, Gifu Prefecture with an American employee who’s crazy about brewing sake. Darryl Cody Brailsford, a kurabito at the brewery, is passionate about making sake. It’s easy to see how hard he works… Continue Reading →

Have a break, at the bar

The Ryutsū News site has an article on a pop-up sake bar aimed at inbound tourists, with the added attraction of Kit-Kat. Nestle Japan launched the Kit-Kat Umeshu Tsuru-ume on 18 September 2018. The new variety was developed by “producer”… Continue Reading →

Sake, chestnuts and cake

The Odawara-Hakone Minkei Keizai Shinbun reports on a mixing of some traditional autumn elements – sake, chestnuts and… cake! Local Japanese sweet shop Natural Wagashi Kōbō citron has produced a seasonal special entitled Waguri Pound Cake – Tsukimi de Ippai (和栗パウンドケーキ~月見で一杯~,… Continue Reading →

Tail of the turtle

Forbes Japan has and article by Chiho Kashiwagi (self-styled “rice hentai”) looking into why the rice variety Kame-no-o is attracting attention. Kashiwagi starts off by saying that Kame-no-o needs no introduction to sake fans, as it’s a sake-specific rice (酒造好適米,… Continue Reading →

Sake cocktails for autumn

Niconico News covers three new autumnal cocktails available for a limited time at Kurand Sake Market as part of its Autumn Fair from 14 September to 30 November 2018. Kurand Sake Market is a chain of bars centred around Tokyo… Continue Reading →

On the rocks all year round

You might think of ice as only for drinks in the summer, but the Nihon Shokuryo Shinbun (The Japan Food Journal) reports that megabrewery Gekkeikan are releasing an “on the rocks” line of drinks that will be sold year-round. On… Continue Reading →

Sake drinking tips – oh, but you masu

Gunosy has an article on one of the traditional vessels for drinking sake – the masu. If you’re having beer, you choose a beer glass. Wine? A wine glass. Sake? Could be one of several things, chosen to the suit… Continue Reading →

Brew your own sake

Niconico News covers the release of new home brew kit – for sake. Most of the first paragraph is taken up with a public service announcement that home brewing is illegal in Japan and so the kit is for use… Continue Reading →

Yamaguchi domestic and international sake exports rising

The Nikkei newspaper reports on new statistics from Yamaguchi which show a promising trend for sake being shipped out across the country and overseas. The Yamaguchi brewers’ association compiled figures for the 2017 brewing year (July 2017 – June 2018)… Continue Reading →

Dassai’s good deed

The Sankei West news site has an article on disaster-hit Asahi Shuzō, makers of Dassai, and their “disposal” of sake affected by the heavy rains in western Japan with the help of a local manga artist. The brewery lost power… Continue Reading →

3x many ways to enjoy your sake

The Value Press site has an article on gifts for the one you love if they love sake – specifically three sets of cups and glasses. The first is a set of white porcelain vessels from Mino, a famous pottery… Continue Reading →

No need to stay cool

The Nikkei newspaper site reports on a new range of sake from the Fukumitsuya brewery under their Fukumasamune label – one that isn’t afraid to lose its cool. The Kanazawa brewery launched a new range of namazume (not pasteurised at… Continue Reading →

Between the old and the new

The Chiba Nippo newspaper has an article on a 300+ year old sake brewery that prides itself on keeping tradition alive, and a new successor who is bringing a breath of fresh air in with her. Chiba Prefecture, just to… Continue Reading →

Breweries in Sendai and Miyagi you absolutely can visit

The Sendai Keizai Shinbun reports on a new guide to sake breweries in the area that are open to visitors. NIPPON SAKE DISCOVERY – Sakagura Tourism Sendai & Miyagi was published on 24 August 2018 by the Miyagi Inbound DMO (destination management?… Continue Reading →

A memory game, but with sake

We haven’t had a pun for a while, have we. Here it comes. The Asahi Digital news site reports on a contest held in Saga Prefecture where participants test their palates by tasting seven types of sake at one table,… Continue Reading →

The rise of rice-driven styles

Continuing on with yesterday’s article from Nikkei Style, which digs into why the “lowly”, less-polished classifications are in the spotlight abroad. One of the three Kura Master Jury Prizes was won by Shichihonyari junmai Wataribune, brewed by Fukuda Shuzō in… Continue Reading →

It’s not all about daiginjō any more

The Nikkei Style site has a feature on the fall of daiginjō… and rise of other legal classifications in its place. The article opens by noting that many Japanese will look for the terms ginjō or daiginjō on the label when choosing… Continue Reading →

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