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September 2017 round-up

Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since July. The problem with going away for an extended period of time is that you have to do a lot of catching up afterwards, and I think I never caught up from… Continue Reading →

(Hot) chocolate tasting: Zotter cardamom

I had prepared some sake and chocolate for tasting (both alone and together) over the May bank holiday weekend, but we didn’t get around to it. Instead, we ticked a very old item off our to-do list and cleared out… Continue Reading →

Sake and chocolate tasting April 2017

I had only heard about pairing aged sake (koshu, 古酒) with chocolate, so I was surprised when Matthew Headland (@connectniigata) suggested pairing non-aged sakes. I had plenty of chocolate left over from our Easter chocolate tasting, so I decided to… Continue Reading →

Home chocolate tasting Easter 2017

Easter. We’re a big fan of Lindt chocolate bunnies, but this year – after getting into tasting through sake and coffee – I decided to go for an Easter chocolate tasting instead!I had no idea where to start, so after… Continue Reading →

Photo gallery: Prufrock Coffee, London

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