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Sake school success: Big turnout at first Niigata University class

The Niigata Nippo More site has an update on a previous story about sake classes being held at Niigata University. The first lecture held on 11 April 2018 was a great success, with the 600 students attending showing the level… Continue Reading →

From here, there and everywhere: sake of the 47 prefectures

The Japanese TV Asahi channel site has a short segment from their news programme about a sake made from rice from all 47 Japanese prefectures (they’re not all prefectures, but let’s let that one go for now). The project also… Continue Reading →

Beyond bring your own bottle – make your own masu

PR Times advertised an event held on Friday 13 April 2013 in Asakusa, Tokyo where you can not only sip sake but also come away with a custom masu. Japanese is a fairly modular language and happy to stick prefixes… Continue Reading →

Niigata Prefecture provides financial support for its breweries

A short but interesting piece from the Nikkei financial newspaper about Niigata Prefecture providing some active support for its sake breweries. The support is for sake PR directed at overseas markets and foreigners visiting Japan, with the paying a portion… Continue Reading →

Sake with the acidity to stand up to Western food

The Chunichi newspaper site reports on a collaboration between a tōji and a sommelier to create four new lines of sake that can match non-Japanese food – which to their minds means acidity. Based in Kanazawa, Fukumitsuya is a venerable… Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage to the sacred sake ground of Nada

Yuko Mukai, an editor for the Ozmall site, writes about her trip to the “holy land” of sake, Nada. She comments that as someone raised in Tokyo, her impression was always that sake came from the Tohoku region to the… Continue Reading →

The decline of breweries and brewers

The Mainichi newspaper has a grim report on what many already know through stories and anecdotal evidence – the number of kurabito brewery workers is falling, as is the number of tōji master brewers, leaving companies both big and small… Continue Reading →

It’s not what sake you drink, it’s what you drink it from

Today it’s the turn of a weather site, Tenki, to serve up some thoughts not so much on what you drink as what you drink it from. Musing on the warm spring weather bringing lots of hanami flower viewing and… Continue Reading →

A sake saga: Saga sake in a pool full of cherry blossom petals

A little late to this story, but it’s in keeping with the recent cherry blossom theme and highlights a prefecture that doesn’t get as much time in the sake spotlight – Saga. The prefecture has set out its wares in… Continue Reading →

Sake through a straw

The Iroiro site features an article by Maki Nagasawa featuring a new packaging style for sake – in an iced coffee-style cup with a lid, and meant to be drunk with a straw. But will the youngsters go for it?… Continue Reading →

Sake for the dead

The Business section of IT Media Online reports on an unusual sake collaboration, between the familiar One Cup Ozeki and incense maker Kameyama. Kameyama make candles and incense, including the sort burned at graves in remembrance of the departed. It’s… Continue Reading →

What to pair with sushi on toast? Sake

No, not toast as in kanpai. Toast as in bread. Apparently Tokyo is going through a bread phase. The Newswalker site reports on a recently re-opened restaurant, sister business to a bakery, that takes inspiration from Hawaiian experimental cuisine and… Continue Reading →

Bolt from the blue: Sake made from table rice

The Asahi newspaper site reports on the first sake produced from Aomori Prefecture’s special table rice Seiten no Hekireki (晴天の霹靂, “bolt from the blue”). The first brewer to turn this non-sake-specific rice into sake is local company Momokawa, who released… Continue Reading →

Sake’s scientific evolution

I love it when two of my favourite things come together. The J-Cast television watch site reviews an episode of the late-night NHK educational Science Zero series that talks about sake and how science has helped it evolve over the… Continue Reading →

Sake x shellfish: a dangerous combination

The Gourmet section of the GetNavi site reveals a terrifying combination discovered by reporter Sōta Hatano: sake and shellfish grilled with dashi and soy, available from the Lawson convenience store chain. Hatano identifies himself as one of the converted when… Continue Reading →

Sake in Europe: smash prices to compete with wine

There was so much in yesterday’s story that I’m back to the Yahoo News Japan coverage of a sake event in London, this time focusing on a talk from UK Sake Samurai Rie Yoshitake. If you haven’t read about London-based… Continue Reading →

Sake according to the Fat Duck’s sommelier

Yahoo News Japan covers a sake event in London with some detailed figures on exports and interesting thoughts on how to expand abroad. London-based reporter Masato Kimura reports on a sommelier workshop run by Isa Bal, head sommelier of the… Continue Reading →

Portable sake for under the cherry trees

Life hack site @DIME has the answer if you’re worried about how to take sake to your cherry blossom viewing party – aluminium bottle cans. After some assertions that sake is what comes to mind when drinking to the flowers, rather… Continue Reading →

Nigori with dessert

This is kind of a sequel to nigori x chocolate I and nigori x chocolate II, but we ran out of chocolate things to taste it with. We did come up with a few new ideas though! The nigori this… Continue Reading →

New ways with nigori

The Miyanichi Press covers a new way to enjoy coarse-filtered nigori sake – as a smoothie. Served for a limited time only, all branches of Kurand Sake Market, which offers 100 types of sake for tasting, and Shugar Market, which… Continue Reading →

Pink Dassai-infused chocolate in a masu

News agency Jiji reports on a sake bar’s seasonal menu celebrating spring in the form of “sakura x masu chocolate” and “haruzake” (spring sake). The Kura no Ya sake bar in Tokyo’s Shinbashi district has a special spring menu from… Continue Reading →

What you talk about when you talk about sake

Sports news site Sports Hochi has a report on drinking under the cherry trees that caught my eye for a slightly different reason – someone who has been into sake for over 20 years commenting that as soon as he… Continue Reading →

Sake on the move – Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train sake + snack sets

The Traffic News site reports on a new sake + snack set available on the Tōkaidō Shinkansen bullet train line that runs from Tokyo to Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka.  If you’re on the move and fancy a drink and a… Continue Reading →

Celebrate 160 years of sake – with chocolate

The Mina-my site reports on a new challenge for a 160 year old brewery – chocolate. (Are you spotting a theme here? Yes, you are.) The venerable Mizokami brewery in Kita-Kyushu wanted to collaborate with a local restaurant to celebrate… Continue Reading →

Saitama versus Chiba: Fighting it out for fourth place in sake

The Nikkei newspaper reports on a heated battle for fourth place in sake shipped from a Japanese prefecture. The top three are clear, but it gets interesting for numbers four, five and six. Here are the volumes of sake shipped… Continue Reading →

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