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Where to buy sake in Zurich

Although the sake tide seems to be rising in Europe in general, there are still just a handful of places in Zurich. (Geneva has a larger Japanese population and a much better selection, so I often end up going there… Continue Reading →

Spiced sake, and it’s not just the tasting notes

The Kahoku Online News site covers a spicy sake – not just with hints of spice picked up by an expert taster, but actual spice added during brewing. Fonia Terra is another launch from experimental venture company Wakaze, based in… Continue Reading →

Old traditions and new dishes: Work experience at a Kyoto brewery

The Fushimi Keizai Newspaper reports on a collaboration between the Saitō brewery in Fushimi and the Umedai Garden Internship company, set up in April 2018 to offer work and study programmes for students aged 18 to 28. It is currently placing… Continue Reading →

A sake that costs as much as wholesalers want to pay

The Fukui Newspaper Online site reports on a brewery with an unusual wholesale pricing strategy – bidding. The article claims the Kokuryū (black dragon) brewery is the first ever to set wholesale prices this way, as it prepares to put… Continue Reading →

The kids are all right: Niigata university students take on sake

The Fukushima Minyū site looks at attitudes towards sake among university students in Niigata Prefecture. The article starts off in a place you may already have seen photos or video of – the sake/coin vending paradise that is Ponshukan Niigata… Continue Reading →

Sake, Italian style

Tatsuya Iida reports on the Zakzak site about a sake bar pairing the Japanese drink with Italian food. There are a warren of narrow back streets in the Sangenjaya area of Tokyo, crammed with bars and known as the “golden triangle”… Continue Reading →

Prize prefectures at the Annual Japan Sake Awards 2018

The Sankei West site reports on the Annual Japan Sake Awards 2018, and sees which prefectures came out on top. More literally translated as the “national new sake appraisal”, the competition is held jointly by the National Research Institute of… Continue Reading →

A naturally cool way to mature sake: go underground

The Iwate Nippo site reports on a brewery with a “natural refrigerator” used to mature their sake at low temperatures. Iwate is famous for the Ryūsendō limestone cavern, one of the three largest in Japan, found near the town of… Continue Reading →

French sake in Japan: Report from Kamigata Nihonshu World 2018

The Cookbiz Soken site covers the Kamigata Nihonshu World 2018 event held in Osaka, including some special guests: sake brewers from France. Held on 28 April 2018, the event is hosted by sake brewers and sake-loving bars and restaurants. This… Continue Reading →

Return of the phantom rice

Looking at the Mainichi Newspaper site again today, this time for a story about a rice that disappeared from Yamagata Prefecture… and then returned. One wet cultivation variety once dominated Yamagata by area, but disappeared before WWII. The village of… Continue Reading →

Why you don’t find sake from the north of Honshu in China

The Mainichi Newspaper has an article looking at how sake is being enjoyed in China – and the mysterious absence of sake from the north of the main island of Honshu, traditionally a very strong area as seen by Fukushima’s… Continue Reading →

State of play: report on the sake industry in 2017

I’m going back to the Teikoku Databank December 2017 special report on the sake industry, which has lots of interesting factoids about the state of play in 2017. The report also says something that Takuma Inagawa’s interviewer mentioned, that overseas… Continue Reading →

The top 20 sake breweries in 2016

Not news as such this time, but something I looked into after watching the interview with Takuma Inagawa of Wakaze giving advice to sake brewers who want to export. A ranking of sake breweries by sales was briefly shown on… Continue Reading →

Sake ahoy: matured for six months underwater

The Kahoku Online News site reports on bottles of local sake and wine being sunk into Hirota Bay in Iwate Prefecture to mature. The plan was hatched by a group of organisations calling itself Burari Kesen (ぶらり気仙, “swaying” Kesen) including… Continue Reading →

Three Kyoto bars where you can order sake tasting sets

A post relevant to many of my interests! The Oricon News site reports on bars and cafes offering tasting sets of sake, beer and coffee. Crediting a Kansai Walker article of 8 May 2018 with the information, the article claims… Continue Reading →

Event report: Kura Master tasting 28 May 2018

As you know, I complain all the time about the limited choices for sake in Zurich (I just found another place that stocks small brewery sake!) even compared to Geneva. For a really good choice, I thought I had to… Continue Reading →

Moving up: Saitama aims to go from fifth to fourth largest sake producer

The Sankei News site has a look at at a prefecture you might not immediately associate with sake – Saitama. Often seen as a commuter bedroom town and food supplier for the sprawling Tokyo metropolis on its doorstep, the prefecture… Continue Reading →

No more booms, diversify for good

The Zero Tele News 24 site hosts a Nippon News Network interview with Takuma Inagawa of Wakaze, where the interviewer asks him what he thinks is necessary for Japanese sake to enter worldwide markets following the increased popularity of Japanese… Continue Reading →

Giving thanks to the gods of fermentation

The Mainichi newspaper site covers a thanksgiving of sorts in Tochigi Prefecture, where members of the prefectural brewers association trekked up to the famous Nikkō Futarasan shrine to give thanks for the fertility and fermenting ability of the microbes that… Continue Reading →

Brewing for (long) life: Nagano’s new food promotion slogan

The Shinmai Web news site, which covers Nagano Prefecture, has a report on a new logo and slogan for promoting the area’s fermented food. Sporting four white circles with a mustard-yellow background, one with a smaller circle emerging from it… Continue Reading →

Testing new markets with tasting

The Mainichi Newspaper has an article about a stylish sake tasting set on sale in an unusual place – variety shops. In a slightly different vision of doom to the usual sake article (focusing on sake being seen as “uncool”… Continue Reading →

Small beginnings – transplanting rice seedlings

The Shokuhin Sangyo Shinbunsha News covers the transplanting of Kikusui variety sake-specific rice seedlings for the new growing season, in an event held by the Kikusui sake brewery. The brewery, based in Shibata in Niigata Prefecture, hosted 185 locals and guests… Continue Reading →

Celebrating 300 years of brewing with flowers (and their yeast)

The Sankei Biz site reports on a sake brewery celebrating its 300th anniversary with cherry blossoms – specifically the wild yeast found on them. The Fujinishiki brewery in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture has been making sake and fruit liqueurs for a… Continue Reading →

Ibaraki goes west – exports up two years in a row

The Ibaraki Newspaper Close Eye site reports on the state of the prefecture’s sake exports – looking up. According to statistics from the National Tax Agency, Ibaraki’s exports in 2016 rose by 14.2% compared to the previous year to reach… Continue Reading →

Daiginjō gateau chocolat

The Oita Press site reports on some new sweet treats available from the Hotel Nikko Oita Oasis Tower, made sweeter with local ryokucha green tea and sake from the Hamashima brewery, makers of Takakiya. Full of strong sake flavour, their gateau chocolat… Continue Reading →

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