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Japan strikes back: Sake nouveau arrives in France

AFP BB News reports on the arrival of sake nouveau in France.  For decades, France has been sending hundreds of thousands of bottles of Beaujolais nouveau to Japan every November. The article also repeats the claim that people fill bathtubs… Continue Reading →

Putting some colour into sake

The Sankei West site reports on two things that bemuse me – making sake more suitable for Instagram, and more appealing to people who haven’t heard of it or don’t drink. How about blue sake? Pink? Orange? All these and… Continue Reading →

Chocolates that are sweet like sake

Anan News reports on a new line of chocolates that look amazing, reflect the Japanese aesthetic, and at least in one case, contain sake. Although chocolate is a European sweet, a Japanese master chocolatier can transform it into traditional-style “Japonisme… Continue Reading →

Add a little salt to your sake

The Nikkei Style site reports on something that I keep hearing about but never understood – should you have salt with your sake? The article, written by Aoyama Shiho of the Japan Salt Coordinator Association, talks about sakana, which is… Continue Reading →

A shortcut to success: call your sake Suzuki

The Japanese Huffington Post reports on a sake name that proved a little too popular. Another sake crowdfunding project on the Makuake site unexpectedly sold all backing slots for the 1,000 bottles available in just four days. The article mentions… Continue Reading →

Sake float with double fermented lees ice cream

The Value Press site reports on a new, cool sake cocktail – made with double-fermented sake lees ice cream. Ice cream made with sake lees, already fermented during the brewing process, is then fermented again by lactobacilli. The FARM8 company… Continue Reading →

Breweries warm up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Mainichi Newspaper reports on sake breweries stepping up their accessibility for tourists ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The article states that Japanese sake breweries are putting effort into both increasing exports of sake and “sakagura tourism”… Continue Reading →

Bring home sake from Shibuya

The site Pouch reports on more labels and more crowdfunding – this time for two sake with labels showing icons from the Shibuya district of Tokyo. Writer Tabata Anji comments that although Shibuya is usually in the top two when… Continue Reading →

Sake with a message

The Sanyo News site reports on a way to make sure recipients of a gift of sake take it the right way – a message on the bottle. The Muromachi brewery in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture, has started using labels… Continue Reading →

JAL First and Business Class sake and wine for 2018

The Daily Sun New York site reports on Japan Airlines’ (JAL) wine and sake selection for First and Business Class passengers in 2018. The selection includes wines not only from Europe but from all over the world, including Japan. JAL… Continue Reading →

Kochi brewery in financial difficulty

The Mainichi Shinbun reports on a brewery close to the edge. The Kochi brewery in Ino, Kochi Prefecture has made an application to the Kochi district court under the Japanese Civil Rehabilitation Act, which covers restructuring businesses in financial difficulty…. Continue Reading →

The International Wine Challenge comes to Yamagata

The Mainichi Shinbun reports on a New Year speech by Yoshimura Mieko, governor of Yamagata Prefecture, given to public servants and businesses at the prefectural hall as Japan got back to work on 4 January 2018.  She spoke about the… Continue Reading →

White lavender sake

You Pouch reports on another sake crowdfunding project (not sure if the news alerts I get are somehow biased towards crowdfunding…) – this time a brewery from Akita Prefecture using yeast from the area’s distinctive white lavender. The sake is… Continue Reading →

Mie brewery rises from the flames

The Nihon Keizai Shinbun reports on a brewery hit by disaster last February, and their recovery through crowdfunding. The long-standing Nakayama brewery in Mie Prefecture was razed by fire in February 2017, but reopened less than a year later thanks… Continue Reading →

From Brazil with love

Today’s story is in Japanese, but not strictly speaking from Japan – it’s from the Sao Paulo Shinbun, a Japanese newspaper in Brazil. Their New Year special edition has a report on a Brazilian with a special place in his… Continue Reading →

Will move brewery for water

Sirabee reports on a Sado Island brewery that uprooted and moved in search of the perfect water source.  Sake is made from rice and water, and 80% of it is water. So although you may think of it as a… Continue Reading →

Sayonara from the last central Tokyo brewery

Many thanks to Tony Mitchell (of the new Dojima brewery in Cambridge in the UK) for mentioning this article on Gunosy – the oldest brewery in the Tokyo metropolitan area is closing its doors. The Koyama brewery, founded before the world… Continue Reading →

Ready to receive (2)

Today I’m looking at the second part of a special report from the Ehime Shinbun newspaper online edition focusing on a new incentive for inbound tourists to buy sake at the site of production, and how Ehime Prefecture is trying… Continue Reading →

Ready to receive

The Ehime Shinbun newspaper’s online edition reports on a new liquor tax system for inbound tourists, and efforts by the prefecture’s brewers to capitalise on increased interest in brewery tourism. The article opens with a recap of some familiar facts:… Continue Reading →

Easy to swallow

The Sankei West site reports on a Kyoto brewery who are making sake easier to swallow – literally. With its rapidly ageing population, products aimed at the elderly are big business in Japan. One common problem that develops among older… Continue Reading →

Amazake and amazake

Niconico News user Japaaan reports on a taste test with two types of amazake: one made with kōji and one made from sake lees (sakekasu). Amazake, literally “sweet sake” (甘酒), can be made in two ways: With the magical fungus kōji… Continue Reading →

One rice, four sake

The Joetsu Town Journal reports on one crop of sake-specific rice brewed by four breweries. (A bit like a coffee tasting I went to with one harvest of coffee beans, processed three ways, divided between four roasters.) JR East, part… Continue Reading →

Fighting spirit

The Sankei West site reports on a special label for sake produced by a Himeji brewery – historical figure Kuroda Yoshitaka (aka Kuroda Kanbei) as imagined by legendary manga and anime artist Matsumoto Leiji.  The Tanaka brewery are using the… Continue Reading →

Sake badges

News site Jiji reports on an initiative by the non-profit organisation Kokushu Shien Jigyō Dantai (National Drinks Support Project Group), also known as Sakeness.  The group is preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by launching products aimed at overseas visitors… Continue Reading →

UK top 10 sake?

NicoNico News reports on the top 10 sake in the UK… based on an article in UK newspaper The Independent from May 2017, but still interesting.  The NicoNico article title includes “Dewazakura is No. 2… but who is No. 1?”,… Continue Reading →

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